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The Rotax 912 series is well regarded for its reliability and efficiency and is primarily targeted as the entry level motor in the light aviation industry. The 80 hp version of the Rotax 912 series offers a time between overhauls of 2.000 hours and is available as non-certified (Rotax 912 UL) as well as certified version according to FAR 33 ... Bmw x3 m40i lease rates
Description. Rick's Motorsport Electrics, Inc offers both OEM style and Hot Shot Series aftermarket replacement CDI boxes. The only real way to test your CDI box is to swap it out with another known good unit from the same year/make/model.

Compound interest is a web based support system which provides a common access point for locating key Information - Education - Support for their Rotax Aircraft Engines such as the Rotax 912, Rotax 914, Rotax 912 iS, Rotax 915 iS, Rotax 503 and Rotax 582.

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Rotax 503 engine, 503 Rotax engine specifications and technical data: DESCRIPTION: Two-cycle, two-cylinder engine, oil in fuel lubrication : BORE: 72.0mm (2.835 in.) STROKE: 61mm (2.40 in.) DIRECTION OF ROTATION: Counter- clockwise, viewed towards PTO (without reduction gear box) DISPLACEMENT:

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Jan 10, 2010 · re: rotax motor help Post by SANDRAILER » Sun Jul 04, 2010 12:43 pm i have a rotax 503 .with gear drive on a standard 12ft hand laid hull with a 3 blade ivoprop it runs ground and water great and with 2 people. the person who mounted one upside down it will work but if you dont run it a lot eventualy the oil residue will settle on plugs and ...

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The SLSA RV-12iS is powered by a Rotax 912iS Sport 100 hp engine. These rugged little engines have not become the world-wide standard in light sport aircraft by accident. Extended real world experience has shown it to be durable, reliable, and economical with maintenance availability worldwide. It can be run on either unleaded autogas or 100LL.

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Some frequently asked questions and answers follow. If you do not see an answer to your question, please send a note to webmaster @ What is the maximum cruise RPM for your Rotax 503, 582, 618, and 670 engines? All RPM listed below are at full throttle straight and level flight: 503 is 500…

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Sinus motorglider combines a true sense of a glider with unprecedented efficiency during powered and long-range cruise flight. With the Sinus you can take-off and land on very short runways, fly long distance cross-country and have fun gliding with a 27:1 gliding ratio… all in the same aircraft!

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Mar 28, 2010 · The Rotax 503 does that sometimes, if the battery is a bit low, it won't start even though it's turning over quite fast. You just give the prop a flick or get some more power for the battery, and it will start - basically to spark!

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Even if some countries do not require a pilot’s license to fly ultralight helicopters, some flight training is recommended. Learning to fly these helicopters, like the regular ones, isn’t a simple task and requires practice.

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3 product ratings - AM Mag Starter for ROTAX 447,503,532,582,618 - Rotax part #995 435 & 995 430 -80

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BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG Rotaxstrasse 1 4623 Gunskirchen, Austria Tel.: +43 (0) 7246 601 -0 Fax.: +43 (0) 7246 6370

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