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May 19, 2020 · I am wrking on a 2011 mp7 mack engine and was needing the torques specs for injector hold down bolts and for the rocker - Answered by a verified Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Lsw 149 wall mount
Needing torque specs for the rocker shaft in a Mack mp7, can't find them anywhere please help thanks. Log in or Sign up. Forums. Forums. ... Needing torque specs for the rocker shaft in a Mack mp7, can't find them anywhere please help thanks joe3113 ... so if this has only one bolt on both sides of the cam cap, you need to tight bolts 2, 4 ...

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Get out the .022" feeler gauge and place it between the top of the valve stem and the rocker arm tip. Snug down the rocker "just" until you begin to fell resistance. You should be sliding the feeler gauge back and forth gently on stock style slotted rocker arms, or gently side-to-side if using roller tip rockers.

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Rocker Shaft Mounting Bracket Bolts — Beginning 4/00, the bolts and washers used to secure the rocker shaft mounting brackets to the cylinder head have been changed to a flange-head bolt (part No. 65AM5010). Tightening torque value for this new fastener remains the same at 40 lb-ft (50 N•m).

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Manufacturers determine the amount of torque that is needed to stretch a bolt or stud the correct amount and they include that torque specification in their service documentation. It is important to note that most engine torque specs require 30w engine oil to get the correct stretch on the bolt. Some specialty fasteners require a specific ...

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1 Non-Return Valve 2 Rocker Arm Plunger 3 Pressure-Limiting Valve Mack Trucks, Inc. Date Group No. Release Page Service Bulletin 6.2011 253 53 01 6( 8 ) Control System The engine brake works together with the variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) to provide retarding horsepower at low engine rpm.

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Torque is what increases your pulling or towing capability. You could stroke an otherwise stock engine and improve its torque 20%-30% without doing anything else, and it would be in the same RPM range or slightly lower. Torque is pulling power, good for cruising and street performance. Torque for the most part is a product of displacement.

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Covers: Mack ASET AI/AMI Diesel Engine w/ EGR Pages: 494 Format: PDF File size: 43mb Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet Notes: Searchable, printable, instant download This manual is intended to provide technicians with a working knowledge of the Mack ASET AI/AMI diesel engines with internal EGR. Service and major overhaul procedures with detailed specifications and illustrations are included in ...

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Series 4000 Detroit Diesel Engines Catalog Page 33, Valve Train - Groups 1.8060 - 1.8170

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Record this torque spec as this is the exact torque spec that you will be using to install your rods in the motor. STEP 6: (Torquing the bolt) When tightening bolts, particularly TITANIUM rods, bolts must be torqued to 20% of the total required torque and then in one smooth motion torque the bolt to the final torque spec without stopping.

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Sep 23, 2018 · I am wrking on a 2011 mp7 mack engine and was needing the. ... Need torque spec's for head bolts and rocker arm clearance for Perkins, type HR70539U, diesel, 4 ...

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